Case Studies COVID 19

Voluntary Action for Development response towards Covid-19

  • The organization Procured and distributed 20 hand washing facilities (HWFs) each with 135 liters to 20 selected sites.
  • They were able to hire a public address system that was used to verbally disseminate information related to hand washing at all times and other dangers associated with the Covid-19.
  • The team procured the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) namely face masks and gloves for the staff and a few contact people in the community.
  • Facilitated three enterprise groups

These activities were carried out in Central and North Eastern Uganda Wakiso Soroti, Amuria, Kapelebyong and Napak districts.

The RDC of Soroti, Amuria, Kapelebyong and Napak extended their sincere gratitude to VAD & SI for their support towards helping their communities to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic Similarly the communities that received these HWFs were also thrilled and they thanked the organization. VAD appreciates all people who have played a role in executing this project including VAD staff, local leaders, community, RDCs. In a special way VAD appreciates Signpost International for the financial support.

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