Frequently Asked Questions

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What is UWASNET and what does it do?

UWASNET is the national umbrella organisation for all CSOs operating in the Water and Sanitation sub-sector. UWASNET was founded in 2000 to coordinate all NGOs in the sector. To learn more about UWASNET, continue to Homepage.

How does my organization become a member of UWASNET?

What are the benefits of being a member of UWASNET?

UWASNET member organizations enjoy a number of benefits. Find the list of the benefits here.

What is the annual subscription fees for UWASNET membership?

The annual subscription fees are categorized as follows

  • International CSOs pay UGX 5,000,000
  • National CSOs pay UGX 1,000,000
  • Community-Based Organisations pay UGX 500,000

How do I pay the annual subscription fees?

The annual subscription fees can be paid Online; Click Here to Pay

Who is my regional coordinator and how do I contact them?

UWASNET has ten regional structures that are coordinated by an elected member organization also called the Regional Coordinator. Please find attached the list of Regional Coordinators.

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