Membership Benefits

10 Reasons for joining Uganda Water and Sanitation Network

Your Profile or Case-study. Your organization profile is published in the CSO annual report, also you are eligible to print success stories and learning experiences on our website. To submit a case study, or a profile in the next CSO report, or see the current CSO report, click here.

Certificate. All WASH CSOs are obliged by Ugandan sector guidelines to coordinate with other WASH actors via UWASNET. As a registered member, you receive a certificate useful for government partnerships and for funding. Click here to apply for a certificate and to see an example.

Consortium projects and resources. As a full member, you are eligible for participation in UWASNET consortium projects, expert panels, or commissions, for example, helping with national guidelines and regulations. This may provide opportunities for consortium funding. You may book our meeting rooms free of charge, and use our extensive library. Click here for information.

Q & A service: If you have a question, our team will refer it to three experts amongst our membership, and we will respond within a week. We are also planning online discussion groups and a FAQ service. Click here.

Contacts and networking. Members receive detailed contacts and information on all UWASNET members, to help you create your own partnership activities. Click here.

Calendar of forthcoming events in the Ugandan WASH sector, including selected key international events. Click here.

Working Groups. Participation in UWASNET Thematic Working Groups. Click here to find out more.

Regional Groups. Participation in UWASNET regional coordination groups. Click here to find out more.

Key and Emerging Documents. Abstracts of policy documents, and legal requirements explaining regulations affecting WASH practitioners, international updates on SDG 6.1, links to key government data sets and web-sites, documents like NDP 3, and the Water Act. Click Here.

Take a leadership role. Become eligible for a leading role in WASH coordination, for example, join the Board of Directors, and become a Regional Coordinator or a Thematic Working Group Chair. Participate as a voter in the UWASNET AGM and key UWASNET national coordination meetings. Click here.