Our Team

The UWASNET Secretariat team comprises of the following positions:

Yunia Musaazi

Executive Director
Email: ymusaazi@uwasnet.org

Damalie Zalwango

Email: dzalwango@uwasnet.org

Rehema Aanyu

Liaison & Networking Officer
Email: raanyu@uwasnet.org

Ndazima Donny Cyrus

Policy and advocacy coordinator
Email: dndazima@uwasnet.org

Peggy Ndagire

Administrative Assistant
Email: ngocoord@uwasnet.org

Zahara Abdul

Email: zahara@uwasnet.org

Ramona Redlich

Technical Support – Advisor under GIZ-Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme (CUSP)
Email: ramona.redlich@giz.de

Namale Caroline

Volunteer: Liaison and Networking Department      E-mail: cnamale@uwasnet.org

Joy Ajok

Office Caretaker

Maiso Micheal

Volunteer: Policy and Advocacy Department              E-mail: MMaiso@uwasnet.org

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