Case Studies

Engineers without boarders-USA supplied Hand washing facilities to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Uganda

  • The organization distributed Hands Free Handwashing Station handbook for CSOs.
  • Donated towards advocacy messages.
  • Installed handwashing stations in informal settlements in Kampala Completed project designed a permanent and dignified handwashing station and donated 278 stations: 258 installed in markets, taxi parks and schools in Kampala in partnership with KCCA and 20 installed in Nakivale refugee settlement. Also conducted a soap dispenser challenge that came up with a soap dispenser for solid soap that is safe, and convenient, Soap dispensers installed with all handwashing stations.

These interventions were carried out in kampala and isingiro to support vulnerable persons in informal settlements and slums Vulnerable persons in and around informal settlements and slums and in the refugee settlement.

These interventions were a success due to support from EWB-USA and Bechtel Corp, USA

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