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10th National WASH CSO Forum planned for September 22nd – 24th, 2020

The 10th National WASH CSO Forum is planned to take place on September 22nd – 24th, 2020 under the theme, ‘Prioritization of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in national planning and budgeting to effective address Covid-19 and other WASH related illnesses in Uganda.’

This year’s forum will be conducted online. A series of webinars are planned to take place via Zoom and will be informed by critical sector issues identified at regional level.

As part of the preparations for the 10th National WASH CSO Forum, UWASNET will be holding regional meetings to facilitate the identification of critical issues.

Key questions tasked to the Regional Coordinators

  1. What are the critical sector issues / factors hindering access to WASH services?
  2. What is the evidence? Who are the critical voices related to the issues?
  3. What are the interventions being done by different and critical stakeholders?
  4. What are the challenges, where are the gaps?
  5. What are your recommendations? / How can WASH services be improved and by whom?

Key stakeholders are expected to participate in the 10th National WASH CSO Forum including representatives from Government, media, CSOs, private sector, researchers etc.

To participate in the Forum preparations and the Forum, please email

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