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Promoting WASH Improvement at Institutional Level

As schools re-open in Uganda, let us all remember that improved WASH service delivery is critical to ensure that learners do not contract Covid-19.

Let us all follow up to ensure that educational institutions adhere to all Covid-19 related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure that there is adequate hand washing with soap to facilitate hand washing with soap by students, teaching and non-teaching, social distancing, wearing facemasks etc.

With support from WSSCC (now Sanitation & Hygiene Fund) and IRC Uganda, UWASNET developed this skit with Comedian Anne Kansiime to create awareness for improvement of WASH services at institutional level.

This is part of UWASNET’s advocacy for improved WASH services by calling for the prioritisation of WASH in national budgets and plans.

Please share this skit in your professional and personal circles so that the message reaches the right people (everyone 🙂

It is critical that human health is protected from otherwise preventable WASH related illnesses.

Once again, thank you for your support

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