Case Studies

Kyempapu distributes food and soap vulnerable communities in Bukomansimbi District

Kyempapu tried and is still trying to intervene in our communities in different modules during the lockdown. We tried to pioneer the campaigns of washing hands, staying home, keeping social distance and following the government directives to our communities.

During the early days of the lockdown, this was challenging as most people in our communities could not afford sanitizers, masks and even soap . Worse still, there is water scarcity in most of the communities. Additionally, most households lacked food and did not have gardens where they could grow food. And they have big families ranging from 5—12 or even more individuals which made it difficult for people to stay home because they needed food.

Kyempapu mobilized some funds and we reached out to 150 most vulnerable households with children in the villages of Kirinda, Nakuusi, Kalaga, Busabala in Kitanda sub-county in Bukomansimbi district. “We gave them a bar of soap, 3 kilos of beans, packet of salt, 6 kilos of rice, 6 kilos of maize flour, for every household,” said Marvin Magambo, a staff.

Kyempapu delivered these items door to door using a bicycle. He said Kyempapu has a target of reaching 500 households with food and soap items during this lock-down.