Case Studies

Pamo Volunteers fighting stigma against Covid-19 in Kumi district

Pamo Volunteers in Kumi district is responding to the fight against Covid-19 with focus on the following intervention areas;

– Minimizing stigma and misinformation about Covid-19 – The health and safety of our rural communities.

– Creating healthier lives and more resilient livelihoods through greater diversity in what we grow and eat.

“We have involved people living with HIV/ AIDS in disseminating information about Covid-19. Minimizing stigma and misinformation about COVID-19 is very important. People with HIV have experience in dealing with stigma and are good allies in preventing Covid-19 stigma. The preventive measures for COVID- 19 is social distancing and personal hygiene (stringent hand-washing with soap). This is very important to every one of us,” said J.M.S Omagori, the Executive Director of Pamo Volunteers.

“We have also sensitized the rural communities where we work on ‘Eating right’ and this can best be done by beginning to plant home gardens. A vegetable garden brings peace of mind in two ways: It is calming work to tend vegetable crops and the knowledge that some fresh food will be available at home can go a long way toward alleviating anxiety about the reliability of the food supply,” he added. These activities are implemented in Aojamorok community in Mukongoro sub-county, Kumi district.

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