Regional Coordination Structure

Regional Coordinators are UWASNET member organizations who have voluntarily taken on the role of coordinating WASH CSOs at the regional level. The Regional Coordinators oversee ten UWASNET regions that were originally aligned to the Ministry of Water and Environment decentralized Technical Support Units structures who provide technical support to the districts.

The UWASNET Regional Coordinators are voted by their respective regional members after applying to be Regional Coordinators and after being vetted to meet the set criteria which are as follows;

Critical Requirement Criteria for qualification
Organization must have an operational office Physical Operational office with a clear address
Strategic Plan Availability of Mission, vision and strategic plan relating to water and Sanitation service delivery.
Human Resources /competencies At least 10 staff, 4 of who must have competencies in Water and Sanitation service delivery, organizational development Financial management and communication and Documentation


Financial Management systems (audited accounts Must have finance and accounting personnel and must be carrying out annual financial audits.
Office Facilities equipment Must have at least an office vehicle and 5 computers that can enable conducting of regional activities.
Management structure (operational Management structure). Must have a clear operational structure with a board of directors, management head and departmental heads.
Legal status. Must be legally registered with a certificate.
Experience in WASH Have a proven track record of community mobilization and support for the over 5 years in WASH and potential WASH activities for 4 years.
Reputation References from members and local governments; substantiated accomplishments; affiliations; acceptance.
Selection by members Selected by members at the coordination meetings.

Term of Office

Regional Coordinators serve for three years after election and are oriented by the Secretariat before they begin work.

Role of Regional Coordinators

  • Organize and mobilize regional members to contribute funds towards the quarterly regional meetings to facilitate their learning and sharing and facilitate networking and collaboration with other key stakeholders
  • Participate in the physical audit of members
  • Support in the data collection for the annual NGO Performance Report
  • Recruiting new NGOs to UWASNET membership by linking / recommending NGOs to UWASNET Secretariat for membership.
  • Following up on their respective regional members to pay the annual membership subscription fees and report annually their contribution to the sector through the annual NGO Performance report
  • Support in the identification of members’ capacity needs to inform the members’ capacity building initiatives
    vii. Participate in the network’s advocacy campaign activities
  • Provide support and advisory services to the UWASNET secretariat for improved service delivery
  • Pay their annual membership subscription fees.
  • Report their contribution to the sector through the annual NGO Performance report

UWASNET Regional Coordinators 2019 – 2021

Region Organisation Position Primary Contact
Busoga Busoga Trust Regional Coordinator Moses Mugabane
Research & Development Officer
Mid Central Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) Regional Coordinator Nkuubi Brian
Mid Central Kyempapu Assistant Regional Coordinator Sylvia Namukasa
Executive Director
Acholi & Lango World Vision
Regional Coordinator
Regional Coordinator Okoth Raphael 
Acholi & Lango Pachedo Assistant Regional Coordinator Boniface Okwir
Rwenzori Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA Regional Coordinator Moses Rujumba
South Western region Kigezi Diocese Water & Sanitation Programme Regional Coordinator Kenneth Twinamasiko
Mid-Eastern Evidence Action Regional Coordinator Irene Neumbe
Mid-Eastern Yes- Busia Assistant Regional Coordinator Ongapu Amosiah
Central The Water Trust Regional Coordinator Lika Dioguardi 
Teso Welthungerhilfe Regional Coordinator Opus Emmanuel
Teso Friends Of Environment Assistant Regional Coordinator Opolot Phillip Gonzaga
West Nile RICE- Arua Regional Coordinator Ocokoru Mildred
West Nile International Aid Services (IAS) Assistant Regional Coordinator Eperu Thomas