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UWASNET Regional Meetings.

Every UWASNET region is obligated to hold at-least one regional meeting per quarter. The regional meetings are platforms that facilitate member learning and sharing, promotion of best practices and innovations, facilitate capacity strengthening and strengthening strategic partnerships with key regional structures including the three line Ministries of Health, Education and Sports, Ministry of Water and Environment and its decentralised structures, District Local Governments, private sector etc.

UWASNET has conducted eight regional meetings and two upcoming regional meetings with support from GIZ-CUSP(Civil society in Uganda support program) funded by the European Union and the German government, SIMAVI and USAID/USHA(Uganda Sanitation for Healthy Activity). Three were physically held following the COVID-19 SOPs in the following regions;

  • Central Region
  • West-Nile Region
  • Lango and Acholi Region

Five of these were online due to the COVID-19 lockdown namely;

  • South-Western Regional Meeting
  • Rwenzori Regional Meeting
  • Teso Regional Meeting
  • Mid- Eastern Regional Meeting
  • Karamoja Regional Meeting

Upcoming Virtual Regional Meetings include;

  • Mid-Central Regional Meeting
  • Busoga Regional Meeting

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