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Terms of Reference & Criteria for Selection of UWASNET Regional Coordination Structures & District Focal Points


UWASNET has ten operational regional coordination structures that were previously aligned to the Ministry of Water and Environment decentralized Technical Support Unit (TSU) structures. The ten regions are coordinated by an elected Regional Coordinator and the Assistant Regional Coordinator.

Regional Coordinators are UWASNET member organizations elected by their respective regional members upon fulfilment of criteria as stipulated in the Terms of Reference / Criteria for selection of the UWASNET Regional Coordinators.  

Regional Coordinators serve a tenure of three- years and support the Secretariat and membership in a number of roles highlighted in the network’s annual workplan.


District Focal Points are a new addition to the UWASNET Regional Coordination structure and aim at strengthening membership regional coordination at district level in close collaboration with the UWASNET Regional Coordinators.

The District Focal Points are UWASNET member organisations endorsed by the regional members to support regional conduction. They are selected against the same criteria for the Regional Coordinators and their Assistants and will serve a tenure of three-years and support the Regional Coordinators and Secretariat in a number of roles as indicated in the regional annual workplan.

Download the detailed Terms of Reference here

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