Proposal for making drawings and developing BOQs for anaerobic biodigester

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Proposal for making drawings and developing BOQs for anaerobic biodigester

UWASNET in collaboration with SHIFT are implementing the Human Waste to Energy 2022
project with support from the International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF). The
overall project goal is to provide adequate washroom facilities and clean energy for
approximately 800 people in a rural community in Mukono. The human waste to energy project
will transform an abundant and free input-human waste- into clean, reliable and safe energy
for free. This project will also serve as a pilot project to build similar, scalable anaerobic
digesters supplied by human waste in other countries.
The “From Waste to Wealth” framework was developed in Uganda with the cooperation of government agencies, academia, NGOs and the private sector. The “Waste to Wealth” initiative aims to utilize modern bioenergy technologies to convert human and other organic wastes into resources that will provide economic benefits, improved environmental and human
health, as well as an assessment of carbon credit potential. An anaerobic digestion system and supporting sanitation facilities will be established in a rural community in Mukono District, Uganda. The facility will be built in such a way that it serves a local school. The biogas and residual material left from energy conversion will be used as a resource with economic value
to provide the return on investment in bioenergy technologies.
The project will focus on demonstrating the technical feasibility and the financial viability of the “From Waste to Wealth” framework. The viability of this approach will be assessed by quantifying the economic, environmental, and human health benefits of the pilot system.

2.Purpose of the assignment
The goal is to develop drawings and BOQs for an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility for human
faecal waste management in Mukono, Uganda. The facility will be an 8 stance with (Female
and male, disabled units and urinal), with a channel flush and 35m3 bio digester.
3.Specific Objectives
Specifically, this assignment is meant;
✓ To design and generate 2D drawings for the proposed anaerobic digestion facility
✓ To develop BOQs for the proposed anaerobic digestion facility

  1. Scope of the Assignment
    The scope of the assignment will include; a site visit to rural Mukono where the proposed
    anaerobic biodigester will be constructed, design of 2D drawings for the anaerobic digestion
    facility and develop BOQs for the facility.
  2. Deliverables
    The following deliverables will be expected from the consultant;
  3. 2D drawings for the proposed anaerobic digestion facility
  4. BOQs for the proposed anaerobic digestion facility
    6.Expected profile of the Consultant
    The suitable candidate should have more than five (5) years’ experience, knowledge and
    demonstrable evidence of previous work done in designing anaerobic biodigestion facilities
    for human waste.
    The suitable candidate should possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or any related
    field. Having a qualification in CAD Software is an added advantage.
  5. Response proposal Specifications
    Interested consultants must include in their application a detailed (a) technical and (b) financial
    proposal with the following components:
    a) Technical Proposal
    • Understanding and interpretation of the TOR
    • Statement of capability by the consultant
    • Methodology to be used in undertaking the assignment
    • Time and activity schedule
    • Profile of the Consultant
    b) Financial Proposal
    • Detailed cost proposal in Uganda Shillings (UGX)
  6. Submission of Proposal
    The technical and financial proposal should be emailed to the following email address by COB:
    11th May, 2022.


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