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Limiting the spread of Covid-19 among the transient communities across the East African Community (EAC) borders

UWASNET is supporting the transmission of Covid-19 & other WASH related diseases among the transient communities across two border towns in Uganda. With support from WaterAid East Africa Regional Team (WAERT), UWASNET has installed a six-tap hand washing with soap facility at Vurra border point in Arua, West Nile region of Uganda and is currently constructing a five-stance water borne public sanitation facility with wash rooms, urinals, and laundry areas to ensure good and improved sanitation and hygiene along the East African community border.

This initiative builds on a partnership that WaterAid East Africa Regional Team has initiated together with the East African Community (EAC) to limit transmission and minimizing impacts and threats of Covid-19 through joint and collaborative approaches.

The key activities earmarked for implementation also includes the installation of a hand washing with soap facility and a public sanitation facility at Malaba border in Tororo district, Eastern Uganda and installing a billboard with Covid-19 prevention messages and hand washing with soap promotion messages to encourage behavioral change.

UWASNET is also training the facility user management committees to implement the sustainability approaches identified for the projects.

On February 8th, 2022, UWASNET conducted a joint monitoring visit with representatives from Arua District Local Government, Immigration, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), security organizations including Uganda Police Force, the Army, the business community, the local community and Ovisoni town board to monitor progress on the construction of the public sanitation facility.

The public sanitation facility will be launched in February 2022 for use.

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