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To be held at UWASNET Offices from 24th- 28th October 2022 at a fee of ugx 360,000. Reach out to for more information

Globally, 4.5 billion people still lack access to safely managed sanitation. While onsite sanitation systems such as pit latrines and septic tanks are only part of the solution, they set the foundation for safely managed sanitation. A toilet that cannot be eventually emptied when full or a toilet that is not used in the first-place present public and environmental health risks, rather than help to address the persistent sanitation gap.

This training workshop combines lessons on traditional latrine design and construction with new lessons framing why quality toilets are important to the broader sanitation service chain. Participants will learn the basics on how to select, design and construct onsite sanitation systems for communities not connected to sewer systems, explore slab designs that are easy and affordable to build, and discuss the trade-offs between options when looking at the entire sanitation service chain.

The 5-day course will be balanced with practical design exercises and hands-on work facilitated by CAWST, AFMAC and ACK.

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