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Football for Community WASH Challenge-Project by Youth Environmental service- Busia

This project was designed to deliver improved Sanitation practices by using the power of Football through promoting lifesaving water, sanitation and hygiene knowledge and positive behavior change among 27,103 children and adolescents in Busia District.
The project enhanced the capacity of households to develop household-based WASH action plans in regard to establishing basic waste, hygiene and sanitation facilities.
It increased demand for WASH services and participation of pupils from selected high-volume schools and informal settlements in promoting WASH services.
Lastly, most at risk households in informal settlements in Busia were reached with WASH education using WASH chain demonstration cards hence reducing on the health risks related to sanitation illnesses.

Photo showing Hand washing Champion celebrating after winning a ball as a gift

Photo by YES-Busia showing Clean Hand Race; WASH community impact coaches conducting community hand washing competition with Adolescents

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