Case Studies COVID 19

Covid-19 Interventions by Wells of life in Mityana Kasanda and Mubende Districts

Wells of life are members of COVID 19 Taskforce in districts of Mityana, Kasanda and Mubende Districts. The organisation has supported them with materials for improving infection prevention and control (IPC) listed below;

  • 450 litters of hand sanitizers
  • 300 litters of liquid soap
  • 4000 Medical Surgical disposable masks
  • 750 pairs of latex medical gloves
  • 15 temperature guns.

Wells of Life are donating sanitary kits to 2000 adolescents girls in communities to manage their menstrual health better during the lockdown. The kit comprised of;

03 reusable menstrual pads,
01 piece of soap
01 pair of knickers

Miss Uganda, 1st and 2nd runner up worked with Wells of Life to distribute menstrual sanitary pads to 2000 girls in Kakindu Sub County Mityana

Wells of Life have also developed radio spot messages that run on local radios and are sponsoring radio talk shows focused on increasing awareness about the following:

  • Infection prevention
  • Domestic violence escalating from tough lockdown times
  • Child protection escalating from children being idle in communities while schools are closed during the lockdown

The Infection Prevention and control Materials are targeting the general Hospitals/Government, Sanitary Kits are targeting communities and radio spot messages and shows are targeting communities, decision makers.

Mityana District Health officer receive IPC material from Wells of Life

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