Case Studies

Busoga Trust facilitating communities’ access to clean water

Busoga Trust has responded to the fight against Covid-19 through provision of money, food items, WASH materials and raising awareness on local radio and television stations.

Using these communication platforms, Busoga Trust reemphasizes the messages communicated by Ministry of Health and the President of Uganda. Such messages promote hand washing with clean water and soap, promote the use of sanitizers to disinfect hands and contaminated surfaces.

The messages also encourage social distancing, tracking, isolating and testing suspected people and lastly, treating the sick. Busoga Trust has focused on ensuring that;

All water points constructed remain functional. Busoga Trust facilitates the Hand Pump Mechanics and its staff to monitor the water points and ensure that they are functional. The organization has also repaired and rehabilitated some nonfunctional water sources. The institution has also provided hand washing facilities to every water point repaired to ensure that whoever comes to collect water washes hands with soap before pumping.

The institution has also provided financial support of Ugx1,000,000 to the district Covid-19 task force as contribution towards fuel Busoga trust will repair twenty (20) non-functional boreholes in Buyende district to ensure communities have water to use during this period. So far 8 boreholes located in the sub counties of Kidera, Buyende and Kagulu have been repaired.

“Rusted Cylinders, GI pipes and rods were removed and replaced with new stainless parts that are more durable and resistant to hard water, which is common in this area. Most of these wells had been dis-functional for over two years due to high maintenance costs and lack of proper local management structures,” said Moses Mugabane, the Research and Development Officer at Busoga Trust.